Dr Brown's Home Drug Testing System

An effective prevention method to help parents deter drug use

What is Dr.Brown's drug testing system?

With  Dr. Brown's you get more than a  drug test, you get a "DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM", which includes, Anonymous Drug Screening, confirmation, Signs and Symptoms, evaluation, and drug-free pledges. The  SYSTEM  allows you to extend the benefits of drug abuse treatment and workplace testing. It empowers you to prevent and early detect substance abuse in the privacy of your home before and after treatment. Join NOW and receive the 50%   New Year and founding member discount off the basic unit price of $79.99and pay only $39.99 with free S&H. See pricing and order information below.,

Be Aware. Be Safe. Be Sure. Be Anonymous.

The drug problem affects everyone, even if you don't use drugs. Today with the anonymous home drug testing system from Dr. Brown, you can make a difference. Easy to use, simple to administer, our testing system provides the most accurate, fast results you will need. In today's world, using the most accurate drug test is a necessary part of being a responsible and caring parent. Dr. Brown's is here with not only a home detection system necessary to evaluate for most drugs, but also with sensitive, informative help and support for dealing with the unexpected questions you may be asked. Get peace of mind or get started on finding solutions to prevent drug abuse.

You're not alone with Dr. Brown's Home Drug Testing System.

We specialize in testing for the eight most common types of drug abuse among children and teens today, with systems designed to detect marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine, codeine, morphine, Fentynal, heroin and PCP use. Getting started with our home drug testing system is simple. Read the Drug Free Pledge with your child and have them sign the Voluntary Consent Form Dr. Brown has created with your family in mind. Evaluate your family's risk using the Signs and Symptoms Scale. Obtain a urine sample, and mail it into our Medical Certified laboratory within the handy prepaid mailer provided with the System. Go online to obtain your Anonymous results.