Aftercare/Relapse Prevention

Whether you are a corporate executive, celebrity, or someone living in a homeless shelter, if you have a substance abuse problem, you know how important it is to receive confidential, competent and continuous support after treatment. V-Covery™ offers the means to help persons who have completed treatment to remain drug free.

By making therapeutic services for substance abuse available online, we can help many chemically dependent persons abstain from using drugs. Every day thousands of people are discharged from drug treatment programs and we hope, against overwhelming odds, that they will remain drug free. Unfortunately, over 90% relapse within 6 months. It is in knowing how limited and misleading chemical dependency treatment can be that we encourage aftercare services. The challenge is not simply to get the person to stop using drugs, but to keep them from starting again. By making therapeutic services for substance abuse available online, we can help many chemically dependent persons abstain from using drugs.

Traditionally, substance abuse has been viewed as a criminal, rather than a clinical problem. If a person is discovered to have a drug problem, they can usually expect to be punished rather than treated. This is especially true for persons in "zero" tolerance positions. Persons in these positions often have to choose between receiving help for their drug problems or protecting their careers. Given the epidemic incidence of substance abuse in every stratum of society, and the liability associated employing known substance abusers, the traditional options are real, but not practical. This is especially true as the impact of child molestation; natural disasters and limited access to health care are recognized for their contribution to substance abuse.

If you, or someone you know, have recently, or will in the near future, complete a chemical dependency treatment program, then you or they will need aftercare services. If aftercare support is not received, substance abuse will almost certainly reoccur. If you are in a sensitive position and abusing drugs, or if you are just trying to re-establish your life as a drug free person, you need help that you can trust.


As a Consultative Partner with Virtual Health Systems, Brown's Home Drug Testing System offers therapeutic aftercare online support via the Internet.

As a Treatment Facility or Substance Abuse Counselor or Health Provider, you will be able to see, hear and talk to your Clients/Patients in your office, at another Provider's office, at school, at church, in a shelter or at home.

As a Recipient, being in V-Covery™ makes it easier to find and keep clinical support, avoids embarrassment and stigma of other people knowing your problem, having to acquire transportation to travel to appointments, and gives you the opportunity to receive almost all traditional services anonymously.

The following are some of the services offered as part of the V-covery™ Aftercare Network:

  • Mental Health Evaluations and Diagnosis
  • Individual, Group & Family Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Education & Training
  • Unannounced Home Drug Testing at home
  • Actual and Virtual Referral, Consultation and Support

The success of this process is increased with the V-covery™ ability to receive therapeutic support online, 24/7, within the privacy of home or anywhere that can accommodate access to the Internet.


  1. Flexible - The Provider and Patient determine the content of the service, frequency of contact, and cost.
  2. Comprehensive - to consider social, legal, medical, psychological and unique cultural factors.
  3. Customized - considering substance abuse history, employment, personal, cultural, social and family strengths, weakness and impact of major events (i.e. victims of child molestation, prision rape, natural disasters).
  4. Family Oriented - involving parents, spouses and significant others in the aftercare and service protocol.
  5. Technology Oriented - utilizing the latest technology for drug prevention, detection, detoxification/treatment via referral, and education. Option for most services to be provided "Virtually" (i.e. real time, interactive, audio/visual on-line).
  6. Educational - informing chemically dependent persons about drugs of abuse and psychology of addiction through a series of presentations.
  7. Accessible - V-covery™ is available anywhere in the world that will allow access to the Internet. Thus, continuity of care and support after treatment should greatly improve the recovery experience.
  8. Reliable - State of the art drug testing preformed at a SAMSA certified laboratory with GC/MS confirmation of all positive results.


V-covery™ Aftercare/Relapse Prevention Services specializes in confidentiality over and above any requirements of law. Procedures are exercised to assure that you can receive service without ever jeopardizing your career or reputation. In addition, the highest level of security is employed to protect confidentiality.


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To register as a V-Covery™ Provider, you must first register as a VHS Provider. To use a Virtual Health provider you must first register as a Virtual Health patient (Patient registration does not include the cost of your provider. Additional charges may apply). Please click here to register, Or E-Mail us at telecarellc@gmail.com

Dr. Browns Home Drug Testing System Publications Stop It Where It Starts- A Family Guide To Home Drug Testing is being offered only online at this time as an orientation and resource for persons who desire to be educated about substance abuse.