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The use of alcohol is one of the first drugs resorted to for relief from physical, mental and emotional pain and discomfort. It is used as an ingredient...[more]

Drug addiction is not a problem but a personal decision.
Dr. Brown's Home Drug Testing System now offers incentives for Negative Results, and for children learning the importance of staying drug-free...[more]

Dr. Brown's Offers Incentives
Some drug abuse experts argue that addiction is a disease, psychological, or social problem. Fundamentally, the decision to start and continue...[more]

FDA Gives Approval to Home Drug Tests
The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved the first over-the-counter home test kit designed for parents to determine whether their children are using drugs...[more]

Communication Breakdown on Drugs
Ask parents and their teenage children about illegal drugs and then listen as the generation gap opens wide...[more]

FDA Clears Home Drug Abuse Test
An over-the-counter test that lets parents check their children for drug use won Food and Drug Administration approval Tuesday...[more]

Home Testing Kits Get More Reliable But Beware of Frauds.
HOME TEST KITS, which help people monitor their health away from the doctor's office, have been a time-saving and money-saving boon to consumers...[more]