Marijuana Drug Tests


The System tests for eight (8) illegal drugs of abuse; marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine, codeine, morphine, heroin and PCP. Alcohol and nicotine are also substances of abuse, however, they are different from the drugs of abuse the System tests for in that they are (1) legal, and (2) their use can easily be detected by smell. LSD, ecstasy, and inhalants are other exotic man made drugs that are abused by teenagers. These drugs are not tested for by the System because (1) the use of LSD, ecstasy and inhalants is not as common as the eight drugs tested for by the System. (2) It is unlikely that teenagers would be using these drugs without using substances tested for by the System (i.e. marijuana); (3) the cost of analysis for any one of these synthetic drugs can be more than it costs for all of the most common drugs of abuse combined. Thus, if used in conjunction with the information and educational materials provided, the System is the most cost effective means of deterring and detecting drugs of abuse.

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