Anonymous Drug Tests


The System provides a therapeutic and cost effective supplement to Drug Free Workplace Testing. The System's advantages and distinctions in workplace testing are as follows:

1. It is voluntary and can only be employed with the consent of the employee or executive. This greatly increases the chances of success and reduces the cost associated with involuntary, legally imposed testing and treatment.

2. It is totally anonymous. No names are used and there is no paper documentation other than that created by the person being tested. Thus the threat of damaging the person's professional reputation or placing negative information in their personnel file is eliminated.

3. Although the integrity of the specimen is protected for clinical purposes, the fact that there is no documentation precludes the test results being used against the person in a legal proceeding.

4. The same laboratory procedures that are performed in drug free workplace testing are performed for the System. There is a screening test and a confirmation of positive results using GM/MS.

5. The same medical review officer services are available for employers who use the System for therapeutic purposes except that it is much less expensive and there is a national network of health care providers referrals built into the cost of the System. The System is a unique and cost effective option for businesses interested in helping employees work through their drug abuse problems. This is especially true compared to the expense associated with forensic testing (i.e.,chain of custody, laboratory, medical review, treatment, litigation, etc.). For further information regarding the use of the System in the workplace, call customer service at 1-800-729-6913.

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