(recommended for children under the age of 10)

I, , do
solemnly swear not to use, sell, or share drugs of abuse or to be in the
company of drug abusers, unless they desire to share my goals by
taking this Pledge to live a life that is healthy, positive, and drug free.
I will become informed and educated about drug abuse and
related events in todays world. However, I will never become so
curious as to experiment or be pressured by anyone to use drugs. I
take this Pledge as someone who is confident and capable to resist
temptation, no matter how strong it might be. I am committed to be a
child of the futurestrong , healthy, bright, and drug-free.
I recognize that nothing in the world or in my life is perfect, or
necessarily fair or free. I will not use race, sex, color, culture, mental
or physical problems or diseases as evidence that no one cares about
me, or as an excuse to become weak and behave irresponsibly.
I will take every opportunity to develop my body, mind, and
character. I will be a model for myself, my family, and my community
someone who can cope with problems in life.
I will take responsibility never to use drugs. To demonstrate my
commitment, I will allow my parents or guardians, at any time, to
request a drug test from me.
Whatever I do, I will strive to do the best with what I have, always
in good taste, with confidence, pride, and dignity. I know I represent
the future, and in order to ensure a safer world for my children,
I will be all that I can be. I hope that they will want to grow up to be
like meconfident, strong, and proud to be drug-free.